Designed for Pools & Spas

Surface Accents is a manufacturer of ceramic coated quartz crystals, which are used as an additive in pool and spa plaster mixes to enhance the color and brilliance of water. When seen in sunlight, the results are breathtaking. Products by Surface Accents are designed to visually complement the aesthetics of your home's landscape design.

Product Features

  • Natural silica quartz
  • Durable ceramic coating
  • Available in over 10 colors
  • Fade-resistant color
  • Just add to plaster mix
  • Ships in 50 lb. bags
  • Bulk discounts available
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Product Information

CQSS2001 Cobalt Blue Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2003 Cobalt Green Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2005 Green Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2007 Black Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2009 White Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2011 Gray Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2013 Tan Ceramic-Coated Sand
CQSS2015 Red Ceramic-Coated Sand

Mesh Sizes Available

•  6/10 - (0.079 - 0.132 in.) 2.00 - 3.36 mm
•  8/16 - (0.047 - 0.094 in.) 1.19 - 2.38 mm

Grades Available

•  T-Grade - Trowel Grade, Angular Particles
•  S-Grade - Spherical Grade, Rounder Particles


Products ship in 50 lb. bags by freight.